Ninja Blocks

Ninja blocks

RT @kavasmlikon: Ninja Blocks – An Open Source Infrastructure for the Internet of Things #IoT #ubicomp #opensource #arduino With apps built on our an open API, the Ninja Block can monitor whatever you need. The possibilities seems pretty broad!…

A Tart Diversion for Thanksgiving

What the finished tart looks like, as made by an expert
Spiral Vegetable Tart recipe on Issuu Looking for interesting recipes to make for Thanksgiving, I came across this lovely vegetable tart that is just absolutely gorgeous. What a simple way to make something unexpected out of ordinary ingredients. It is part of a food magazine available on Issuu. If you're interested in seeing the recipe, I am embedding the publication below (note iOS users that it is Flash content).

Gorgeous, Gorgeous Lettering

Gorgeous, gorgeous lettering. typeworship: The Voice of all the Gods – New work by Seb Lester Over the last couple of months Seb has taken a break from his client work to focus on some personal prints. I’ve been in…

10 HTML and CSS Online Editors

10 HTML and CSS Online Editors Some of these are interesting. I used Thimble to upload and share some code examples for my CITS F221 class. It’s super easy to create and publish HTML/CSS pages, and even editable if you…