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The Chairs We See in Movies

An Eames task chair

While watching Avengers: Age of Ultron this past weekend, I noticed one of the chairs on the bridge of the SHIELD Helecarrier was an Eames Aluminum Group Management chair. While I’ve passively noticed chairs on movie sets in the past,…

Women’s Olympic Volleyball 1964

I’ve been cruising the internet for video of women’s volleyball and came across this wonderful synopsis of the Japan vs. USSR game during the ’64 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The editing is quite good, and wonderfully conveys the tension of…

Terragen Lanscape Generator

While reading this morning I came across Terragen from a description of a Joan Fontcuberta project mentioned on BLDGBLOG. Terragen is landscape generation software that is available as a free download for non-commercial use, but that also has a number…

The Wisdom of Six

...on The Meaning of 8. The Sneeze is featuring a review of Cloud Cult's new album The Meaning of 8 - by the resident 6-year old and music guru. Overall he gives an enthusiastic thumbs up and provides some pure insight. It is an absolute joy to read.

While your over at The Sneeze check out "Steve Don't Eat It" where all your questions about the strange mystery food on the grocery shelves are answered - or where you are just grossed out.