Super Happy Fun Time Friday

Things that have caught my eye today that I wish I had time to look at more, but will probably have to wait until I get home because of all the things that need to get finished before the weekend starts. LTMS (Laughing to Myself… after hearing the word weekend).

Imitating a Scanner Darkly: A tutorial on how to create this style of illustration from photos. Potential for creeping out your friends here.

FastStone Screen Capture: A little app that adds screen capture options to your context menu. I haven’t tried this yet so I’m not sure if it makes your system explode.

The Pixel to Em Calculator: If you don’t know what this means then you probably don’t need it.

GlasZone: Only because I like glass and love architectural glass.

Bus Tales: An interesting concept for a site. Now there is a place to tell everyone about the crazies you meet on the bus.

UNKL Brand Stuff: Cool fun things with lots of style.

When I get home my dog will be ecstatic, but that is because she has an IQ of 5.

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