The Chairs We See in Movies

While watching Avengers: Age of Ultron this past weekend, I noticed one of the chairs on the bridge of the SHIELD Helecarrier was an Eames Aluminum Group Management chair. While I’ve passively noticed chairs on movie sets in the past, this particular chair caught my eye and got me thinking more deeply about the selection of chairs and and the roles they play movies. This particular Eames chair is sleek and fits effortlessly in a scene where everything is ultra-contemporary tech, yet it is a design from 1958. A testament to the vision of the designers, for sure.Maybe this chair was selected for the set for an aesthetic reason for this movie, or maybe for product placement value (since it is still for sale today, and is usually priced at more than $1500.00!). Chairs, themselves, have played more of an active, supporting role to actors in many movies. As luck would have it, Core77 also posted about chairs in movies recently and linked to this video, which really articulates how chairs affect our perception of characters. I may never watch a movie the same way again.


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