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Grainless Granola (High Octane)

A bowl of this yummy grainless granola

Recently, I’ve tried to shift the percentages of fat/protein/carbs I consume day-to-day so that my fat intake is about 60% of total calories. Conventional granola really doesn’t fit into a plan like this, but it is something I really enjoy…

Seed Power For Breakfast

Breakfast in a Kerr jar
I've been looking for alternatives to my usual Greek yogurt breakfast as an opportunity to incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods and less sugar into the day. This recipe is easy to fix in the morning and travels well on my way to work. By the time I get there it's nice and thick.

Spartan Coconut Cake

coconut cake

This recipe landed in my inbox a few days ago from one of the Spartan Race newsletters. I wanted to give it a try mainly because it called for millet, coconut, and chickpea flours instead of wheat, which sounded interesting.…

A Tart Diversion for Thanksgiving

What the finished tart looks like, as made by an expert
Spiral Vegetable Tart recipe on Issuu Looking for interesting recipes to make for Thanksgiving, I came across this lovely vegetable tart that is just absolutely gorgeous. What a simple way to make something unexpected out of ordinary ingredients. It is part of a food magazine available on Issuu. If you're interested in seeing the recipe, I am embedding the publication below (note iOS users that it is Flash content).

Local Harvest

Apologies to the person who first told me about this site, but I can’t remember who you were anymore. I’ve been meaning to share the Local Harvest site until I had a few spare moments to say a few words.…

Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake

Yes, this is yet another mug cake recipe. I’m a fan of the concept of the mug cake – making a single serving and not being stuck with an entire cake to contend with for a week afterward – but…

Spicy Kale and Roasted Veggie Soup

Last week I was searching through Foodily and came across a recipe for Kale and Vegetable Soup, which looked so absolutely delicious that I made it today. Of course, I modified the ingredients, so below is my recipe, based off…