Grainless Granola (High Octane)

A bowl of this yummy grainless granola

Recently, I’ve tried to shift the percentages of fat/protein/carbs I consume day-to-day so that my fat intake is about 60% of total calories. Conventional granola really doesn’t fit into a plan like this, but it is something I really enjoy…

Hacking a Jeweler’s Bench

My modified desk as a bench

Over the past month I’ve been working on setting up my own little jeweler’s bench in my little home studio. After researching “real” jeweler’s benches, I came to the conclusion that they are really expensive, so I needed to find…

Seed Power For Breakfast

Breakfast in a Kerr jar
I've been looking for alternatives to my usual Greek yogurt breakfast as an opportunity to incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods and less sugar into the day. This recipe is easy to fix in the morning and travels well on my way to work. By the time I get there it's nice and thick.

Cardio Leg Burner Circuit

An image of the workout

Another new circuit for this morning. This one started off with a 4mi warm up run. Because it was the weekend I could wait until there was some light outside before I walked out the door. Don’t get me wrong,…

75 Burpee Circuit

An image of the workout

I know, 75 burpees really isn’t that many, but on a light workout day it is just enough to make me feel like I did something without killing my arms. This is a great core and upper body workout.