Suicide 300 Circuit

Full Metal Jacket suicides
Remember suicides? No not the running drills you had to do in basketball practice. The other ones. If you're not sure you know what they are, the image above illustrates them well.

Kick-through Circuit

This workout was inspired by a recent video Zuzka Light posted on YouTube. The original workout is meant for those days where there doesn’t seem to be time for anything, even a quick workout to get your heart rate up…

Spartan Coconut Cake

coconut cake

This recipe landed in my inbox a few days ago from one of the Spartan Race newsletters. I wanted to give it a try mainly because it called for millet, coconut, and chickpea flours instead of wheat, which sounded interesting.…

What a Fabulous Idea!

A succulant in a reused lightbulb

What a fabulous idea!  “Since we love upcycling and hate seeing anything go to waste,” says RenewPurpose, “we’ve assembled some beautiful examples of what can be done with left over glass bulbs.” Here they are. GOOD (via 5 Creative Uses…

Grids in the Wild

A grid overlayed on a painted landscape

Snow acrylic, ink, magazine photo on panel 8″ x 8″ 2010 Shipbreaking, Yosemite Valley acrylic, ink, magazine photo on panel 18″ x 11″ x 2″ 2012 Palouse Falls with Containers 2 oil on canvas 70″ x 48″ 2012 Denali National…