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Cardio Leg Burner Circuit

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Another new circuit for this morning. This one started off with a 4mi warm up run. Because it was the weekend I could wait until there was some light outside before I walked out the door. Don’t get me wrong,…

75 Burpee Circuit

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I know, 75 burpees really isn’t that many, but on a light workout day it is just enough to make me feel like I did something without killing my arms. This is a great core and upper body workout.

Suicide 300 Circuit

Full Metal Jacket suicides
Remember suicides? No not the running drills you had to do in basketball practice. The other ones. If you're not sure you know what they are, the image above illustrates them well.

Kick-through Circuit

This workout was inspired by a recent video Zuzka Light posted on YouTube. The original workout is meant for those days where there doesn’t seem to be time for anything, even a quick workout to get your heart rate up…

HIIT From Behind

Was able to get a short run in this morning, but there wasn’t quite enough time to if in the circuit I ahead planned, so I got it in after work. Even while I was planning it out, I knew…

Circuit and Spin

Woke up this morning knowing that I wanted to workout, but didn’t quite have the motivation. This being the case, I went out to split some wood to wake up, which worked great. I finally got in Zuzana’s ZWOW #4,…