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Sita Sings the Blues

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Sita Sings the Blues, then I recommend it highly. It is animated as beautifully as 10,000 lotuses. More importantly, it is being made available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license by…

KERN for Fun

I’m really digging KERN, a game for the iPhone. Despite the rather mundane sounding premise, it is wholly addictive if you’re one of those detail oriented designy types (with a few minutes to kill and an iPhone, of course). Elegant…

Robot Nixon

“All hail robot Nixon”, and other similarly inspiring quotes are shining example as to why Futurama is infinitely entertaining. (No, I shouldn’t be working – I’m on lunch).

Lisa Stevens’ Ceramics

I follow Lisa (aka c-urchin) on Flickr for her tiny ceramic creations that resemble tiny sea creatures, but from time to time she posts a photo of something that is truly stunning. This time it is this amazing vessel from day 141. The texture is gorgeous: You can see more of her work at Flickr or see what is available on Etsy.