screenshot of Hipster Runoff

I’m almost afraid to admit that I haven’t found a blog so gratuitously entertaining to read, ever. It’s like my inner monologue after being awake for 3 days straight eating nothing but Allsorts. I must be living under a rock. Hipster Runoff? (note: not all posts are work-safe or for the kiddies)

“…it’s important to note that our global gas crunch has ruined things for this lil alt human accessory. As opposed to being driven to her Summer Enrichment Courses in a minivan with a DVD player, or a spacious Toyota Camry, she was forced to be chauffeured by her mom on a skateboard. You can see a bandage on her left leg which we can only assume was caused by an accident on the cobblestone roads of the netherworld in which she lives. I think it is good for free-spirited mothers to express themselves, but I don’t now how I feel about converting urself into a rickshaw to transport your kid. Have yall ever been poor? Remember when Jewel lived in a van?” [read the whole post]

Ok, I REALLY have to get some serious work done before bedtime.