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Coffee Art

It was warm enough to go for a long run today which left little time for eating breakfast. Coffee is my breakfast of champions this morning. Who knew there is so much coffee art on YouTube? And who knew it…

Alaska Gets a Diner

One thing that has been noticeably missing in Alaska are diners - and no, not places that just have the word "diner" in their name, but authentic, retro diners. If you have visited Alaska you may not have noticed this. Likewise, if you really don't care much for diners, their absence has probably not made much difference to you. If you are a transplant like me, you find that there are a few select places that you latch onto that make living in your area feel like home. Maybe it is a coffee shop, a bookstore, or a bar - choose your poison.

Coffee = Fire

This just proves my belief that coffee is the answer to everything. JavaLog – a fire log made from coffee waste promises eco-friendly fire that provides a warm soothing glow to relax in front of. I can’t help but think…