Light Bulb to Oil Lamp

light bulb to oil lamp

The incandescent bulb has passed into the domain of old technology with the recent adoption of compact fluorescent bulbs by every day consumers. So what to do with those old bulbs?

Inspired by Sergio Silva’s piece I set out to transform my old bulbs into ‘slow lights’. With a little assistance from these handy instructions on how to gut a bulb, a wick, a bottle cap, and some paraffin lamp oil my little Sunday morning project was a success.

bulb-oil-lamp3 light bulb to oil lamp


  1. Sweet. It’s cool that you didn’t need to cut the glass… you need some of those gigantic old bulbs now. You know, the ones the size of my head. Time to raid a few abandoned warehouses.

  2. I’d love to get my hands on some of those. They would look great. My only problem now is finding some sort of stand that can keep them fairly stable.

  3. I like the idea of using sand to stabilize the glass. It’s really great idea. Since I put this together I’ve seen some great ideas using he old style bulbs. The best were miniature terrariums!

  4. […] Who says you can’t teach an old light bulb new tricks? As it once served a purpose to provide light to dark areas, it can still serve this purpose once again after it has burnt out! After hollowing out the bulb and cleaning the interior completely, you can add some paraffin lamp oil, a wick, and a bottle cap cover, and there you have it – a cute bulb oil lamp. […]

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