Importing 3D Models Into Second Life

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I’ve been gathering a list of resources on the conversion process for bringing existing 3D models on to the Second Life platform. I’m dumping them here so I have a way to get back to them – maybe they will be useful for someone else.
There are various tools people are focusing on as part of the pathway from digital model to Second Life import. There are two considerations when undertaking the import process:

  1. Can the current digital model be exported as data that can then be imported and read into the Second Life platform as prims (basic shape element)?
  2. Will the object exceed Second Life prim limitations once it is imported (approx a 15000 prim limit per island with no prim larger than 10m x 10m)?

Sketchup to SL

SL to 3ds Max
Prim Composer – adds the ability to export prims from Second Life/OpenSim and import them into 3ds Max. You can also re-import a project into 3ds Max that was previously exported from 3ds Max using Prim Composer. In addition, you can create NURBS-based sculpties directly within Prim Composer.

AC3D to SL (interesting video of actual conversion)

Maya to SL

An example of successful Maya to SL conversion (no work flow – yet)

Pathways from Maya and 3D StudioMax

3D Studio Max (OBJ format) to SL

Blender to SL
Domino Designs Tutorial

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