Next Saturday (13 February) is the Susitna 100mi and Little Su 50k. I’m only running the 50k, but am still very excited for a little adventure and a relaxing weekend away from home.

Thumbnail of the course tour

It will be the first time I’ve been on this course, so in preparation, I’ve done a little recon work on Google Earth to familiarize myself a little with the course that starts in Point Mackenzie, Alaska. There is a 50k map available on the race web site, and it is what I’ve used to plot the course in Earth. If you have an copy of Google Earth and want to check it out for yourself:

  • save this KMZ file to your computer and open it using Earth (right-click and select Save Link Location)
  • the file will open in the Places panel and you should see an item titled Little Su 50k Route in your Places list
  • double-clicking will snap your view directly to the course view
  • clicking on the Little Su 50k Course Tour underneath the route should start playing the fly-though

The race director was out today checking trail conditions and using a SPOT tracker to transmit his progress. I’m not sure how long this map will persist after they have completed the check, but you can view live for now

If you don’t have a copy of Google Earth, it is a free download and loads of fun to explore the globe with (as well as the night sky, our Moon, and Mars). You can find lots of other tours and projects built in Earth too. Even underwater tours.