What they look like on my shoes

In consideration of the ice storm this winter and that unfortunate run in with a patch of ice earlier this spring, I thought it might be time to invest in additional traction for my feet. I picked up a pair of Ice Trekkers Diamond Grip, a rubber and metal assembly that slides over each shoe and provides added traction by employing a simple web of “chains” comprised of rolling diamond-shaped links. I’ve been running in them since November and now can’t for the life of me think why I had never invested (yes, they’re a bit pricey) in a pair of these before this year.

Things that are great about these:

  • More power on kickoff in the snow- In the past I’ve felt that winter training was time to focus on endurance and forgo speed work due to unstable snowy trails. Not any more!
  • Lightweight – For as intimidating as they look, they really aren’t heavy enough to even notice.
  • Added confidence! Even while running on dark snowy trails and roads my feet feel more stable.

Things that suck about them:

  • Nothing, as long as I remember to put them on.

Running in snow and ice has been a wholly more efficient and safe experience wearing them. Very awesome.

A side view on my shoes