Visualize What You Eat

Spotted in the Shared Reading of Danielle, one of my two super cool sisters. Foodsel is a website that provides visualizations of food nutrients based on food category or by manufacturer. It also can display equivalence – “eating this food is the equivalent of eating…”

So if we look at something like a Taco Bell taco salad, it is the equivalent of eating 13.2 D-cell batteries (amount of energy not nutrients) and its fat content is equivalent to eating 0.2 sticks of butter (17.88g of fat). Not an overwhelming amount, but I can’t stomach the thought of eating even that much butter straight.

Foodsel also will tell you how much of a variety of exercises you would have to do to burn the calories for each food. In this case, we would have to dance for 52 minutes or carry a load of bricks for 36 minutes if we ate the salad from Taco Bell. I’m not a huge fan of dancing, but it does sound more appealing.

Fast food
Image of the Canal Walk food court, courtesy of coda on Flickr


  1. Well, that makes things depressing. What’s the good part of exposing how horrible good tasting food is for you? 🙂

  2. It is depressing, but good news… cinnamon rolls seem to have escaped their scrutiny. I assume from that oversight that their impact to my diet is negligible, leaving them as fair game – or fair fare.

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