Super Happy Funtime Friday

I guess I was feeling artsy this week, or in need of things that are gratuitously artistic. Last night I picked up a copy of The Architecture of Happiness and really could have spent the whole night reading it. Each small section is a reflection on some aspect of architecture, and each one strikes a chord that you might find yourself humming throughout the rest of the day.

It is still Friday and I’m making a point to get this week’s Funtime Friday dump out the door. I’ve had tabs open fall week that I’ve been playing with and here they are:

The Asus Eee: The super-economical UMPC Asus has had in the works for a while and that I’ve been anxiously awaiting. Word on the street is that they won’t be available yet until mid-September, and are rumored to sell at around a $300 -$400 price range in the US. I’m curious about this little painful piece of Eee marketing on the Asus website. For such a long runtime I would think they would try and hit more of their target market – who are all those smiling people outdoors? Also, why is that Flash file so bloated?

Blueprintcss: An interesting looking system for developing CSS. I’ve only browsed through the project and the downloads, but think it is worth a whack. More to come on that one.

BlinkGeo: A social news sharing site for geo-philes. I’m sure there is actually a word for that, but I’m too lazy to look it up. They have some good links if you’re one of THOSE whose ears perk up when you hear GPS, geotag, or mapping.

Iconlet: A handy little icon search engine. Looking for a folder icon? Try this.

Edouard Martinet: The portfolio of a sculptor making amazing found art works.

AntiLimit: Fantastically moody photographs from a very talented artist. Thanks to Chris Lott for sending this link. Sublime taste, as always.

Maciej Duczynski: Another photographer. Stunning HDR landscapes.


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