Super Happy Fun Time Friday

It’s that time of the week already, and it is even on time this week. Something to note about being an adult is that you don’t really get any time off for spring break – unless you happen to work as university staff, in which, my case gets you one day (today) off that many others don’t get to enjoy. While it isn’t enough time to fly off to Mexico for vacation, it is enough time to run some errands and catch up on all the work you’ve been putting off because I had other work to do. And yes, I am genuinely thankful for it.

Eats Shoots & Leaves – A book by Lynn Truss about the importance of understanding punctuation. According to their “punctuation game” I could use some brushing up.

BoxCloud – Simplifies sharing large files with your contacts without using FTP or email or your own server

presso coffee maker
– Presso is a manual, non-electric espresso machine that produces the pressure required to make cafe-style coffee

goplan – Another hosted project management solution. Haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but there is a free plan that will let you take it for a spin and kick the wheels with 2 projects, no chat, no calendar, and no ACL. There are screenshots on Flickr. [via]

SwapMeat – No, not that kind of meat swapping (sicko)… Coudal Partner is hosting a mail-in swapmeat. This is the deal, “Send us some of the stuff you made for yourselves, that you’re selling or giving away. You’re going to have to trust us on this, but we’ll check out what you send and then send you back some stuff of approximately equal value. That might be stuff we received from someone else or some of our stuff, or some combination of the two.” I like it.

Knitted Easter Peeps – Yes, I’m a girl and I like cute knitted things, especially these (pattern included). [via]

Best Voodoo Doll Ever – This pin cushion is amazing and made using printer fabric and wire for armature (its poseable)

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