It must be close to spring because I actually saw the temperature rise above 0°f today AND we move our clocks forward for daylight savings this Sunday (even though daylight savings is a more than antiquated concept for this day and age). It’s too bad because it was nice seeing the sun before I left for work. Now for the good stuff…

The Department of Spanish and Portugese at Berkley has a great-looking web site. Kudos to them for actually USING type on the web.

Jungle Crazy shows the latest and greatest deals from AND there is a feed available

Worldwide Fido: Yes, I have a dog, although I am not an obvious dog-person like some of the dog-weirdos out there. I wouldn’t actually go out and video my dog doing random things like the people on this site, but I would watch videos made by crazy people recording their dogs doing random things.

Whoa! Samsung has a 1.29mm thick LCD display. That is thin… and I am doubtful that a device that thin would be able to survive the rigors of me accidentally sitting on it.

Apophysis is an open source fractal flame editor. I came across a link to this site while searching for images on istockphoto.

Google Maps has a secret I hadn’t heard about until today. There are super-highres images for some areas and this posts explains how to access them. Even more here.

Bjork has a new album coming out in May that features a number of contributing artists.

The pi project features audio pieces created using the number or concept of Pi in some direct way. is an online FLV converter. Very handy if you have an FLV and can’t play it.