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Years ago, I had the good fortune to spend an entire year in Russian language school, and the class instructor, Brianne Fortier (apologies if the name is misspelled), was the absolute best teacher I have had in my entire life. Anyway, since then I have often wished I had more opportunity to use what I had learned – taking a class here and there and looking for resources online to practice and refresh my meager skills.

I recently came across a link to the UCLA Business Russian Podcast and have been listening to it quite a bit. They are good-quality recordings with language that is somewhat advanced and covers a good range of business-related vocabulary.

When I initially learned Russian, we didn’t spend too much time on corporate language. Instead, it was more conversational vocabulary, and as the class advanced, directed more toward medical terminology and words you might expect to encounter while listening to the news or reading the paper, such as “bi-lateral negotiations” and “armored personnel carrier”.

This podcast series contains some useful examples of language used in professional, office-related activities.

The Kremlin
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  1. I just found the UCLA podcast too. Found your blog when looking for the transcripts 🙂

    The podcast is great – the clearest pronunciation of Russian I’ve come across. A big help for a novice like me.

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