Running Farther

A few weeks ago my middle sister came to visit for a week and it was wonderful to have so much of her undivided attention. Now, the members of my family are natural runners. That’s not to say all of us enjoy running or that those of us that do run break any records, but it is something that comes relatively easy for us. Shannon, my sister, is a runner and currently training for a marathon.

During her visit there was little opportunity for her to train, but come Saturday our vacation was winding down and she took the opportunity to go on a long run, 20 miles. Super! I was invited along, and, of course, I fully intended on running being the big sister I am.

The thing about running is this – I love it – but while it’s been over a year since I’ve even mistakenly run anything near 20 miles, never underestimate the power of enthusiasm… or the resilience of the human body.

Anyway, I’m hooked and Shannon kicks butt.

Shannon in outdoor mode
Shannon in super outdoor ninja motivator mode

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