Best Chick-flick Ever

Death Proof is going in my book as the most entertaining chick-flick of all time, and my new favorite movie – hands down. Mind you, that I am not a huge Quentin Tarantino fan either – well I was until Sin City. I only wish now that I had gone to see it in the theater.

I won’t divulge any details for those who haven’t seen it yet, save saying that the story is skillfully told and unencumbered by excess baggage.

Death Proof marketing in the wild
Image courtesy of florestan on flickr

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  1. You know, you really shouldn’t hold the execrable Sin City against poor QT– he only had a hand in one piece of it. And almost all of this other movies have been great.

    So, is “Planet Terror” on the “Death Proof” disc? I guess the theatre version was death Proof + Planet Terror with fake trailers in the middle. Now I wish I’d gone and seen it while it was at the theatre.

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