Just to prove to Chris that I actually DO read I’ll definitely respond to the challenge. The funny thing is that the book I’m actively reading right now is an ebook with absolutely no page numbers – which is a shame because I’m enjoying it. If you’re curious, it’s Robert Shea’s book Shike, which I would categorize as Japanese historical fiction and is released under a (cc) license.

Since I can’t post from that book I will grab the first book off the top of the pile on my nightstand. See what you can do:

“However over-determined the network architecture of the highway system, the distributive organization of vehicles offers other wildcards or tactical sites as well. The vehicle population migrates, for instance, often rapidly changing its course in response to other volatile formats in culture. Malls, for instance, just completing a half-century wave of growth that altered millions of acres of territory, are now being replaced by giant new retail formats.”

I’ll even pass this meme on to five others from my daily-must-check-feed list… most of whom have very little idea who I am, if any. We’ll see if they play along:

kliger – The artifacts of your online reading are continuously intriguing, I’m sure your books are too
Brian – Whatever you’re reading, you’ll turn it into a funny story
Heidi – Ok, you know me, maybe you don’t know I think you’re always making something interesting
Susan – curious what someone who quits her day job to actually enjoy life is reading.
Oops, sorry I don’t have a #5

These are the rules:

  1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages)
  2. Open the book to page 123
  3. Find the fifth sentence
  4. Post the next three sentences (sentences 6-9)
  5. Rinse, repeat