The Future of Laundry

From the design labs at Electrolux comes the KaionWAVE washing system, a groundbreaking concept for laundry of the future. Functioning as both a washer and a dryer, the KaionWAVE washing system is ideal for houses where space is limited. No water or chemicals are necessary to run this washing system, and it uses wireless technology with electromagnetic induction technology which enables it to easily reside in the house of the future.

One comment

  1. Very interesting… I don’t trust today’s washers even with water.. I don’t believe they really clan as well as we’d like to think they do. SO I speculate I’d distrust this new K-WAVE washer/dryer too. Then yet, I haven’t seen or felt the nano-coated fabrics yet… or seen how they react to spills, pet hair, or sweat. Maybe the fabric naturally repels our daily vials better than todays oh so comfy cotton. We’ll see 😉 Great concept though and that egg looking thingy would loot very kool in my basement. Sure beats the age old white to off white metal boxes!

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