Super Happy Funtime Friday

Orange Milkwort
Image by Anita Gould on Flickr

Why is it that we look forward to summer all year, to the vacations we will take and the beautiful weather, but seldom take much time off save a week or two? Despite the call of summer frolicking there are still many places online that capture my attention.

Midatlantic Wildflower Field Guide – A photo set on Flickr of closely photographed wildflowers collected by Anita Gould, named and measured in some cases. She has also started a Midatlantic Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Gardens set that is equally as detailed.

Schmap – Schmaps are interactive maps and guide content that are dynamically integrated, allowing intuitive, real-time access to reviews and photo slide shows for places of interest. You can create your own or browse through schmaps that others have published.

Multi-column Liquid Layouts – 7 (free) CSS layouts by Matthew James Taylor that are iPhone compatible. Even though I’m not an iPhone owner I have to say that the device is certainly causing a lot more focus on mobile-friendly web sites. Yay, accessibility!

Transparent Gradients in Illustrator – How many times had I banged my head against this one before finally Googling a solution? I’ve lost count.

Made in England by Gentlemen – Cookie and Paul are hiking the Continental Divide as part of their summertime fun, and documenting their progress on a beautiful blog using a Nokia N82.

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