Super Happy Fun Time Friday

Another belated installment of Fun Time Friday links, but never late than never, right?

National Mechanics restaurant and bar in Philadelphia. Great web site, but I didn’t know about the place when I actually lived in PA – so I have no idea if the food is good or not (the graphics say YES).

tlc: A community site out of the UK for sharing learning resources.

The 5 in 1 Camera Memory Stick – With a form factor similar to that of a flash drive, this digital camera can also capture 10 minutes of video, 120 minutes of voice recording, and has 128MB of flash memory for data storage.

Another HDR tutorial – from VanillaDays. This tutorial talks a lot about using Photomax to create this effect.

Toy Instructions – A wiki full of links to manuals and instructions for toys and games.

BarnRaiser releases version 0.7.7 of AroundMe, open source community software.

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