Imaginary Instrument

Though this video was released quite some time ago I totally missed it until now. The funny thing is that the site I saw it on first didn’t say anything about the instrument being real or fake and I thought it was pretty convincing at first.

As a sidenote, searching for “most amazing” anything on YouTube can be pretty distracting.


  1. And it is real!! Heidi, those musicians are amazing. My favorites are the squash tabla and the carrot flute. The cabbage player was great too. I can only imagine how fun it is to see people’s faces when you tell them you play a cabbage – better yet would be their expression when they actually see it.

  2. They sometimes show ths animation– and series, I guess, of others like it– in between programs on PBS. At least that’s where I’ve seen it! Now, off to check out people playing vegetables 🙂

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