Connecting with IMified

Streamline online tasks with the help of IMified – It allows you to connect your favorite chat client to a number of your existing online services like Google Calendar, Basecamp, WordPress, MT, TP, Blogger and a few more. In fact, I’m writing this post from gTalk – so we’ll see how things turn out when I hit ENTER…

Sure enough, IMified sent my post from gTalk to WordPress without a problem. Of course, you won’t be able to write a novel, but IMified walks you through each post once you have made your selection from the menu.

To get started go to and decide which chat client you want to connect to, then add IMified as a contact and send it a message. Type “4” to access your account settings and connect your services from there. You’re all set for massive productivity – or something.

IMified - Step 1   IMified - Step 2   IMified - Step 3


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