The Design Within Reach Airstream

Design Within Reach is now selling an Airstream model with its own brand of design flair. When I first read about it I was irritated. To me, RVs of all shapes and sizes represent everything that is wrong with consumers and our culture of convenience. Why do people feel the need to cart their earthly possessions around behind them when they vacation? What is the attraction in creating a microcosm of one’s home life in the pursuit of “getting away from it all”?

To my horror, the more I think on the DWR Airstream design the more I find myself appreciating its clean efficient use of space and tasteful decor. Somehow it seems to appeal to my design sensibilities, curses! Nevertheless, I will not allow myself to be lulled by its siren song of materialism – and remain resolute that my vacationing and enjoyment of the outdoors remain free of a portable kitchen, recessed halogen lights, and Nelson Ball Clock.

When it comes down to it, for $50k I can travel to so many places not reachable by the National Highway System, without buying something that most closely resembles a ball and chain – bouncing along behind my vehicle.

Airstream in the Wild
An Airstream spotted in the wild, not far from home

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to drag around the ball and chain… and I have no desire to haul around, much less maintain a house on wheels… but.. BUT.. I have always loved the little ‘tin eggs’, the old old tiny Airstreams. Like the Bambi or Camptrailer Europe (
    Or campers like the Dutchman ( or the Scamper. I take a Scamper if I could find one! Heck, I’d be happy with a little pop up! They have some pretty sporty ones out now ( But the attraction that the Airstream has for me, is that lovely sound of the rain on their shell! Like a lullaby! Just enough to get you and the dogs off the ground and under cover, but not being enough to require days on end of cleaning or preparing before or after a trip. This summer however, I never even popped open the tent once. We brought it with us, but went old school sleeping right on the ground or in the back of the truck w/ a tarp over us. That was fine too.

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