Super Happy Funtime Friday

There isn't much to say about this week other than, "OMG can I please stop being busy for a little bit?" I think the answer is yes, and I'm counting on it seeing as how we have a holiday right around the corner. Even with stuff happening all around there are a few notable things for Funtime Friday:

Google’s Webmaster Central – Lately I've been feeling a little out of touch with how things work in behind the search engine scenes. It's just one of those necessary evil things one has to constantly keep up on. In an attempt to get off my a**, I've started going through the Google webmaster tools and have been spending a little extra time reading SEO articles – as much as I can stand anyway. SEO… SES… so many acronyms make me sleepy.

Getting Real – 37signals' book about the philosophies that have enabled them to accomplish what they have in so little time. You can buy the book PDF or read the entire thing for free online. has released a second set of round social-web icons. I'm not so sure I’m a fan of the roundness or the largeness of these icons, but they are a welcome change of pace from the minuscule sets that are all over the web.

thinglink – a web site that allows you to upload images of things you make, add details about those things, and tag them with a unique identifier. They have updated their site with some new functionality and a facelift. Why is this cool? Well, aside from the obvious tagging coolness, it is a great way to connect more information about an object – what it's made of, the history behind it, or even the inspiration. I baked a cake once and connected the recipe to it on thinglink. The image wasn’t so hot, but the cake was yummy.

Screenshot of the thinglink homepage

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