dandelife logo

If you think Dandelife is cool, then you should consider buying one of their t-shirts. The blogging platform/social network, set apart by its use of graphical timelines and convenient widgety things like a connector to Flickr, apparently has been a labor of love – and we all know how they can be.

That’s why Kelly Abbot is asking that you buy one of Dandelife’s t-shirts. Not because you want to walk around all day getting hugs from strangers, but because it is like one big green t-shirt-shaped hug from a community that started with a great idea. If that is too cheesy for you, you can just read the real story behind the “Free Hugs”.

If you haven’t tried Dandilife, it actually has some really great features that make it an engaging way to tell the story of your hum-drum daily life with pictures, a timeline view, a story view, and a widget with which to share your timeline in another blog. Definitely all good things, but even better are the other ways to use it… like Shauna Schullo’s class that chronicled the history of distance education as one of their assignments using Dandelife. This is their timeline below:

So back to the t-shirts – they’re just helping keep a good thing going.