LL Announces Measures to Counter Overload

Linden lab has announced its plans to restrict the grid to premium customers only during peak traffic time. This plan gets a thumbs up from comment-contributing residents on the LL blog, and seems to be the general consensus of residents all around.

There is no mistaking that Second Life is an ever-developing, ever-growing endeavor for its creators and for the residents, and this just serves as a reminder that participants will have to remain flexible as the Grid grows to accommodate the population.

There are organizations operating in SL that will suffer from the new stopgap measures – such as the educators. There are many schools that have embraced SL and are using it as a platform for learning. Many of these students are not premium users and would be among those denied access to the grid during periods of heavy load. Though undesirable, the catch is that if something isn’t done to manage peak periods then the experience on the grid is poor for everyone.

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