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xFruits – Doing More With Feeds

From the web site xFruits is described as: “…a free online service offering to every user the possibility of: Enriching your home Enlarging your blog’s functionalities Creating, generally, your information system from the RSS feed XFruits makes possible the Mashup…

Where’s Web2.0?

There are probably a whole lot of Web2.0 collections out there but go2web20.net is certainly the most Web2.0 of them that I have come across. There’s a whole lot of time-killin’ potential if you’re planning on visiting.

A Series of Pipes

Over the past week or so I have been getting re-acquainted with my Yahoo account ever since Flickr decided I needed to tie my two accounts together. Lo and behold I discovered their mashup service Pipes. I can’t help but…